Our mission

Our Culture

We have created a strong culture of improvement in our company. Our employees work to develop modern medications, striving to improve the standard of living and quality of treatment for consumers. For ten years, the company has successfully developed and promoted drugs for the treatment of difficult to treat diseases. We work for the benefit and health of each patient.


We work to improve the quality of life and effective treatment for all patients; including detection, development and commercialization of innovative therapies, in areas of

unmet medical needs that improve patient care.


Our research and development helps physicians, healthcare workers, patients and caretakers, as well as our employees.

We provide doctors with the resources to better care for their patients by discovering and developing innovative treatments.

We help patients and their caregivers by developing drugs to improve treatment protocols and implement effective care programs.

We promote teamwork, inclusion, accountability, integrity, and excellence. AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd provides opportunities for career development, welcomes success and innovation and appreciates our employees’ commitment to changing patients' lives.

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd improves quality of life and strengthens the health of millions of people!

Why is this relevant?

More than 100,000 lives are taken each day because of potentially treatable diseases.

  1. According to statistics, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world; one in five people die from cancer. In European countries, the situation is even more serious; malignant tumors are the leading cause of death for women aged 30-50 years.
  2. According to official data, there are about 30 million worldwide HIV carriers. Every day, about 7,400 infected people are diagnosed and 5,500 die.

In countries where HIV/AIDS is still an epidemic, little is being done to solve the problem. Often, there are no funds for treatment.

Even though public health programs are available, usually their budget is not sufficient for the treatment of cancer, viral hepatitis and HIV. The price for a course of effective treatment can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Many times, patients are offered more affordable, but less effective, treatment options.

For more than 25 years, AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd has been producing generic drugs against deadly viruses and cancer. Most patients simply cannot afford effective treatment. The patent holder, taking advantage of their exclusivity, dictates an inflated cost for their brand. Modern, affordable drugs are not granted a patent.

We are sure that, most of the time, it is possible to stop a possible epidemic or pandemic. However, to achieve this, medicines must be made available to all people. But there is one caveat: the low price should not affect the quality of drugs.

To achieve its goal, AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd has formed the following strategies:

  • More than 50 million dollars has been invested toward production in Pakistan to open generic drug production lines that have proven to be effective. These drugs don’t have cheap counterparts (80% of the drugs available are only in the form of expensive originals).
  • All personnel have been highly trained to meet European Union standards. We have equipped our laboratory and plant for the production of raw materials (active substances of high purity). AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd produces high-quality drugs. Thanks to tax benefits from the Pakistani government, we sell them at a price lower than Indian pharmaceutical companies can offer.
  • We have designed our production process for the manufacture of large batches of products. AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd is ready to provide patients with inexpensive and effective direct antiviral drugs and antiretroviral therapy. HIV-infected, cancer patients and carriers of hepatitis B and C are have to take drugs daily. We guarantee that needed medications will be freely available.
  • For patients who cannot afford the purchase of budget drugs, a charity program has been developed. In collaboration with WHO, AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd will provide medication to those in need, for free. This applies to all categories of patients, regardless of the diagnosis and stage of the disease. Patients for whom pathologies were found at the initial stage of development can receive medications. This will help them maintain a normal lifestyle.

Goals of AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

Our company has set a goal to provide generic drugs to patients who are not able to afford original patent medicines. Generic drugs have been proven effective, equal to the original. But the price is much lower.

Our goal is to provide access to high-quality generic drugs for all patients. We are confident in the quality of our medicines. Our drugs go through all the stages of laboratory and clinical research.