AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd company issued an additional block of shares

The state pharmaceutical company AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd announced the issue of the additional block of shares. The nominal value of a share is $2. The total amount of additional shares is about 20 million shares.

Currently, 49 per cent of AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd’s shares held by European founding members, which holding shares in other pharmaceutical companies. One of those investors is Dr.Reddy’s, a well-known generic drugs manufacturer. Sales of the additional block of shares to investors will allow to increase the flow of investment, and it will allow extending the production and launching the manufacture of the new products.

Nowadays, the pharmaceutical company produces more than 200 types of generic drugs. Among them are medications against the viral hepatitis, medications for diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, HIV medications and E.D. medications.

At the same time, the company is conducting negotiations in order to obtain a patent right to manufacture such generic drugs as Edurant, Juluca, Odefsey, their analogues do not exist in the world today. Concurrently, the company is also conducting negotiations with the American company Merck&Co – the manufacturer of the targeted drug Keytruda which used in the treatment of cancer patients – to obtain the right to manufacture and release a generic drug.

A flow of additional financial investments will give the possibility to extend the range of manufactured products and increase the volume of the output of medicines.