AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd company is conducting negotiations in order to obtain the right to release generic drugs, such as Edurant, Juluca and Odefsey

AVA Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd company announced the start of negotiations in order to obtain the patent right to manufacture generic drugs, such as Edurant, Juluca and Odefsey, their analogues do not exist today. These generic drugs include such medicinal agents as Avaril, Stoffi and Eveta.

Antiretroviral drugs used to treat people infected with human immunodeficiency virus. A short one-month course of HIV treatment with original drugs costs $1500, so, such therapy is available only for 20-30% of the population of rich countries. The launch of generic drugs is a real opportunity to live normal and fulfilling lives for the people who are carrying the virus. A course of treatment with generic drugs will cost about 12000 rubles.

Correctly selected treatment and taking a daily dose of generic drugs during 6 consecutive months will reduce the viral load to a lower threshold. Taking these medicines on a continuous basis can maintain persistent low-level viremia during the whole life.

The active ingredients in the generic drugs are the same as in the original formulation: Avaril (Rilpivirine), Stoffi (Dolutegravir+Rilpivirine) and Eveta (TAF+emtricitabine+rilpivirine). The therapeutic effect will be equally high. A treatment regimen is simple and easy for every patient. One tablet daily should be taken regularly at approximately the same time each day.

FDA approval is not required in this case, because all active pharmaceutical ingredients, intended to be used in the manufacture of the generic drugs, have been clinically tested.